Guessing Answers on the SSAT: Good or Bad?

Should I Guess on the SSAT? The answer is: It depends.

You must first understand how the test is scored. When your test is scored, you will receive one point for each correct answer. You will lose one quarter of a point for each incorrect answer. You will not receive or lose points for questions that are not answered.

If you guess, try guessing only when you can eliminate one or more answer choices as wrong.

A few things to keep in mind:

Keep moving. Do not waste time on a question that is hard for you. If you cannot answer it, flag or make a note of it in your test book and go on. Go back to it later if there is time.

Earn as many points as you can on easy questions. You receive one point for each correct answer, no matter how hard or easy the questions are. Do not throw away points on questions you know how to answer through careless errors.

Check your answer sheet. Mark your answers in the correct row on the answer sheet. Be especially careful if you skip questions.


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