SSAT Registration Checklist

The SSAT is the test to take to get into many of the best independent schools in the world. Many schools require it, so you won’t want to delay SSAT registration if you are considering an independent school. Your SSAT score will be sent to any independent schools you choose to share it with, along with your application to the school.

Students in grades 3 through PG can take the SSAT, which is available on three levels (Elementary, Middle, and Upper​​).  Check out the SSAT registration calendar and SSAT test fees on While you’re there, you may also follow the steps to register, which are listed here:

SSAT Registration Checklist

Create an Online Account on

Apply for Testing Accommodations and/or Sunday testing, if Needed.

Choose a Test Date and Site. Use our easy Test Center Search to find a site close to home.

Select Score Recipients. List the schools to which you are applying during online registration or wait until after you receive your scores.

Order Additional SSAT Services. SSAT offers, for additional fees, options to receive a copy of your writing sample, printed copies of your scores, and alerts to view your scores the moment they are available.

Pay SSAT Fees. Fees are payable by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover). Fee waivers are available from SSATB member schools for those in need. Contact the member school to which you are applying in order to receive a fee waiver.

Print your Admission Ticket. These tickets list important test information including administration policies, location details, special instructions, and items to bring with you on test day.

Prepare for your SSAT. Watch this blog and for SSAT practice tips and new SSAT practice tools coming soon!


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