SXSWedu Student Startup Competition: What’s Your Business Idea?

IMG_2056.JPGThat’s the thought behind the Student Startup Competition powered by LaunchGen. This year’s competition — the second annual — concluded this past Tuesday, March 8, 2016, at the SXSWedu(R) Conference in Austin, Texas.

In late 2015, high school students from Central Texas schools were invited to  apply and showcase their business ideas for the SXSWedu Student Startup Competition. This past week, the finalists got to pitch to a panel of judges in person, on stage, at SXSWedu. The winner received a cash prize of $1,000 to help make their business ideas a reality.

Check out the winner and finalists below, then let us know what your business idea would be if you were to be invited to a student startup competition.

SXSWedu Student Startup Competition Winner and Finalists


Serena Hoskins, Rohit Srinivasan and Sid Rao
“Bru is an easy-to-use, inexpensive entrepreneurship app that helps anyone take an idea and turn it into a real company.”

BEAUT.E – Finalist

Ellie Karayan, Maddie Chang, Antoine Maury and Katie Mitchell
“Beaut.e is a mobile app that will utilize Artificial Intelligence to provide users with a new, personal way to discover beauty products.”

CONNECTME – Finalist

Jake Nathan
“ConnectMe gives talented high schoolers a platform to earn money and market themselves to other individuals looking for private lessons.”

REFOCUS – Finalist

Athena Owirodu
“Refocus is an app students can use to learn how to manage their priorities in life, while breaking the habit of procrastination.”

WUHU – Finalist

Max Haager
“Wuhu is an app that connects people at crowd-oriented events by connecting and communicating with phones without cellular service.”

What do you think of the business ideas considered for the SXSWedu Student Startup competition this year? Answer our poll below then comment with your own startup ideas!


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