Upper Level SSAT Sample Questions: Analogies

Do you know your analogies? Try these SSAT sample questions to help you practice analogies for the Upper Level SSAT Verbal Section.

What Are Analogies?

Analogies compare two things usually on the basis of some similarity or difference. To answer analogy questions on the SSAT, try to find a relationship between the words. For each question, select the answer choice that best completes the meaning of the sentence.

SSAT Sample Questions for Analogies

1. Breeze is to wind as whiff is to

(A) noise

(B) odor

(C) water

(D) whisper

(E) laughter

2. Canoe is to boat as:

(A) room is to house

(B) wheat is to oat

(C) sedan is to car

(D) pint is to gallon

(E) shark is to whale

3. Trim is to budget as

(A) decorate is to tree

(B) reduce is to production

(C) fit is to athlete

(D) adjust is to recipe

(E) spill is to fuel

Answer Key

1. Breeze is to wind as whiff is to (B) odor

Explanation: Wind may be experienced (felt) in the form of slight breeze, just as odor may be experienced (smelled) in the form of a slight whiff.

2. Canoe is to boat as (C) sedan is to car

Explanation: A canoe is an example of a type of boat, just as a sedan is a type of car.

3. Trim is to budget as (B) reduce is to production

Explanation: If a budget is trimmed, it is made smaller; if production is reduced it is made smaller.

Would you like to see more sample SSAT questions from the makers of the SSAT itself? Let us know what topics you’d like covered most. Email the blogger at: rlewis@ssat.org

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  • Stephen Winiarski

    can you add the answers so we can check them at the end?

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  • How does this help us if the test questions are much harder?


  • With all due respect, these questions are ridiculous. I fail to see how these predict a student’s future academic success or general success in life.
    I am a medical school professor and involved in selecting students for a highly competitive training program. I have written test questions for the medical board exams and have written articles in prominent publications, so I have some familiarity with writing and analytical skills.

    It is appalling that a young person’s performance on a test composed of these types of questions plays any role in determining their future educational trajectory.

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    • The SSAT is a standardized test designed to provide independent school admissions professionals an equal means to assess and compare applicants, regardless of the applicants’ background or experience. The questions intentionally measure basic verbal, math and reading skills needed for success in independent school. The SSAT score is only a single component of a complete application required for independent school, and it is not a reflection of the whole student, so we always encourage students to do their best and complete their application to independent schools. We have provided tools like these sample questions and SSAT Practice Online in order to give students greater insight into the test, and help them feel more prepared on test day. Thank you for your time.


  • How come this doesn’t have any practice advice like the synonym provider?


  • love this test prep! it helped my daughter so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)


  • Nkechinyere Kachim Ezeanuna

    Can there be more samples like this?


    • Absolutely! We’re continuing to develop more SSAT Analogy sample items. If you have access to SSAT Practice Online, you will also find the latest SSAT analogies items in our Quizzes, which you can find by selecting a specific Quantitative topic in Study Tools. Thank you!


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