The SSAT Writing Sample

TScreen Shot 2016-04-04 at 4.57.02 PMhe SSAT Writing Sample is not scored. However, students taking the SSAT should do their best writing on the SSAT Writing Sample in order to give independent school admissions officers a sense for how well you write.

As soon as you begin the SSAT, you’ll have 25 minutes to work on your writing sample. You’ll be given two creative writing prompts to get you started. Think carefully about each writing prompt, and try to organize a story around it. (Jotting down your ideas on scrap paper is encouraged!) When you’re ready, pick the prompt that you like the most and use it as the first sentence of your story.

Here are some sample SSAT Writing prompts:

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 5.03.47 PM.png

To help you prepare for the writing portion of the SSAT, practice writing a short story from one of those two writing prompts above. Do your best writing and show off your unique personality and creativity!

More SSAT Writing Tips

Tip 1: Remember that people will actually read your writing sample.

The admission officers in the schools where you are applying will be reading your writing sample. Take it seriously! You want to be sure it conveys your personality and creativity in the best light.

Tip 2: Read both writing prompts.

Take a couple of minutes to think about what you’d like to write for each of the SSAT writing prompts. Jot down your ideas, organize your thoughts, then decide which story to write.

Tip 3: Choose a working title for your story.

Choosing a title will help you remember what you’re writing about as you go. Look back at it once in a while to be sure you stay on track.

Tip 4: Get detailed!

Get imaginative and provide details for your story, on everything from a setting to emotions.

Tip 5: Wrap it up.

Make sure your story has a beginning, a middle, and an end.

Tip 6: Check yourself.

If  you still have time, check your writing for correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

To learn more about the SSAT and how to register for the test, visit

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