My Experience on SSAT Test Day

My SSAT test date was last June, and I looked forward to it because it was the last school-related activity that I had to complete in 6th grade before beginning my summer break. The day of the test, My mom dropped me off extremely early, so that there wouldn’t be any stress about running late, which is always a good idea on a major test day. I took the SSAT at a school called George School, and when I arrived for the test there was a friendly and helpful atmosphere. After I signed in at the registration table, I was directed to go upstairs to a classroom where the test was given. In my case, I’d been preparing for six weeks, and was so well prepared for the test that it wasn’t stressful at all, in fact, It was almost fun. It helped that I’d practiced writing an essay at the library a week or two before the actual test. It’s good to practice essay writing, just so that you have an idea of how much and how fast you have to write during the actual test, and it also helps to consider in advance some ideas that are worth writing about, so that when you see the prompt, you will already have some ideas in mind.  What surprised me, as well as the entire room of test takers, was that during the test, a band started to play loud, rousing music near the end of the test. Everyone jumped in their seats! It turned out that there was a TedX convention going on, and when it ended, the band was supposed to play music. They did indeed do that, and with great enthusiasm. Before long, the music stopped. A proctor came to ask if anyone needed extra time due to the disruption, but everyone said no. This kindness and consideration is what separated the SSAT from many other tests I’ve taken (such as the SAT which is a very stern atmosphere). The entire experience was funny then, and even more so now. My best advice for others on test day is to prepare well, starting a few weeks in advance, get lots of sleep the night before, and arrive very early. Good luck!

To learn more about the SSAT or register for the SSAT, visit

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