Ditching Coed? No Need to Worry!

The decision to attend an Independent high school was, for the most part, pretty easy for me. Ramsey New Jersey’s Don Bosco Prep offered new academic rigors, nationally recognized athletic programs, a rich history of tradition, and many other positive qualities not applicable to my local public high school. It seemed like a no-brainer, I mean, what was there not to like?

Yet, after attending public school my whole life up until that point, I do admit to having some apprehension. Like many of you, for me, attending an independent school would mean abandoning the coed classroom, the only classroom I ever knew. Questions began flooding my middle-schooler-brain, “how would the social dynamic function?” I wondered, “will it be tough to make new friends?” Thankfully though, as I progressed through my four years at Don Bosco Prep, my initial anxieties began to seem silly.

My Cross Country Team and I after a big win.

My high school cross country team and I after a big win.

From the first day at Don Bosco Prep, I began to recognize and take part in a communal bond, a bond of brotherhood.

From AP Chemistry class to the cross country course, the environment of friendship and kindness created within the single sex settings was something I will always cherish. Attending an independent school provided the opportunity to form incredible bonds and friendships, friendships that without a doubt, will stay with me my whole life. Even now as my life continues to complicate, I still allocate ample time to connect and see my high school friends.


My roommates and I celebrating an Irish victory!

Yet, the brotherhood I found at my independent high school wasn’t something I just threw to the wayside after graduating. As a sophomore at the University of Notre Dame, I can say without a doubt, the way in which I approach friendship is directly impacted by my time at Don Bosco Prep. My friends at college are my support center and I seriously have no idea what I would do if I didn’t have them to rely on.

While it may be a bit daunting to give up having the opposite sex around every day, believe me when I say, boy or girl, after a few days of making friends, you won’t even miss it!


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