How well do you know/comprehend/perceive your synonyms? Below are a few SSAT sample questions to help you practice synonym questions for the Upper Level SSAT Verbal Section.

What Are Synonyms?

Synonyms are two distinct words that share the same or very similar meanings. To answer synonym questions on the SSAT, you must identify a given word’s synonym from a list of 5 other disparate words.



(A) sloppy

(B) complete

(C) uncertain

(D) vulnerable

(E) holding fast



(A) shiny

(B) mourn

(C) argue

(D) sickly

(E) adhere



(A) plot

(B) drop

(C) trick

(D) wrinkle

(E) estimate

Answer Key


  1. (E) holding fast
  2. (B) mourn
  3. (A) plot


How Should I Study For Synonym Questions?

A great way to prepare for synonym questions is by simply increasing both the amount and difficulty of the literature you read. Try and keep a dictionary nearby and practice writing down any words you don’t recognize, along with the word’s definition. Another good strategy for mastering the synonym problem is to study the meaning of word parts, such as prefixes, suffixes and roots. This practice will help you better recognize unknown words.

To learn more about the SSAT and how to register for the test, visit SSAT.org.

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