Independent School Activities: Football

One of the activities I plan to join at my new school is football.  I first started to want to play football when I watched my eldest brother, who holds the record for the Squat at his high school, play football in high school. Since then, over the last couple of years I’ve been playing football myself and, like my brother who also goes to Harvard for football, I play very well. During those years I have gotten many offers from teams. One offer was from a high school coach who didn’t know that I was only eleven years old at the time. Just this past season my team won our league championship making us ranked 14th in the nation according to the Born to Compete website.

I was also inspired to play football for its spoils too. People who play football, even in high school, are able to travel with their friends to different places that they might not have been able to visit before. When you play football, the coaches are able to provide you with accessories that you’ll be able to look cool in while playing.

Although I don’t plan on playing football professionally, I want to play it so that I may become more athletic and may make friends at the same time. Football has been mostly fun for me so I plan to continue playing for quite a while.

I’ve made many friends during my football career whom I still know to this day. One friend I met at my school, another one I played against despite being in different leagues, and a third who also went through the independent schools application process and is now going to Marist. As I go to my new school, I hope to make new teammates and possibly encounter old ones.

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