Independent School Advice: Summer Tips

As the school year begins to wind down and desks and lockers begin to empty, it can only mean one thing: summer is almost here. And with summer comes the annual flurry of fun, from summer camps, summer sports leagues, family vacations to even just days at the pool. Summer should mean all these exciting things, but one thing it shouldn’t mean is forgetting all the information you spent so much time learning in school! Below are some helpful tips for staying sharp in the hot summer months.

  • Read! Diving into a good book has countless benefits, and I can’t overstate how helpful simply sitting under a shady tree with a good book can be for keeping the mind active. Here a short sample of books perfect for some enjoyable summer reading.

Upper: Among Friends — Caroline B. Cooney, Fahrenheit 451 — Ray Bradbury, She Is Not Invisible — Sedgwick, Marcus, Hamilton: The Revolution — Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jeremy McCarter

Middle: Chasing Redbird — Sharon Creech, Space Case: a Moonbase Alpha Novel — Stuart Gibbs, Icefall — Kirby, Matthew J., Sorrow’s Knot — Erin Bow

  • Practice for the SSAT. If you plan on taking the SSAT next year, the summer is the perfect opportunity to brush up on some review. Activities like going over analogies with your parents, re-doing old math tests or simply learning more about each part of the SSAT can all ensure a higher score come next test day.
  • Visit a museum. Museums are wonderful places to learn and explore at your own pace in often fun and interactive settings. Maybe you don’t live in a big city full of museums; that’s okay too! Often times, local towns will offer smaller and more intimate museums with just as much valuable info as the bigger, more prominent museums.
  • Start a diary. Any type of writing is great for staying sharp, and keeping a diary will provide a fun and reflective way to write on a consistent basis. It will also provide a way to log of all your fun summer memories!

For more information on the SSAT or to purchase the Official Guide, please visit  

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