Here’s a SSAT sample question to help you practice the type of graphical interpretation problem you may find on the quantitative section of the Upper Level SSAT.

What type of graph could I expect?

Graphs are used to present numerical information in visual form. A bar graph (A) is an easy way to compare quantities. A line graph (B) is used to record numerical changes over time. A circle graph (C) is used when a quantity is divisible into parts and we want to compare the parts.graphs

SSAT Sample Question for Interpreting Graphs:

The graph shows Daniel’s monthly budget while at school. What percentage of his budget is allocated for food and music?

(A) 21%graph 2

(B) 11%

(C) 31%

(D) 44%

(E) 45%

Answer Key:

(D) 44%

Music accounts for 24%. Food accounts for 20%. Together they account for

24% + 20% = 44%.

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