Advice for the First Day of High School

It begins with the two for one promotion for pencils and notebooks in the Sunday advertisements. Malls and shopping centers are crowded with families. Then, students, like myself, are bombarded with reminders to check their summer assignments while schedules fill our inboxes. That’s right — it’s back-to-school time.

While school technically begins after Labor Day, freshmen, like myself, often have to attend orientation in late August to learn our way through high school classrooms, meet our teachers, and bond with peers who will be a part of our lives for the next four years. To help prepare for the rapidly approaching day, I begin planning my schedule, reviewing summer assignments, and working to put myself back into the groove of things about 3 weeks in advance.

While I enjoyed the luxury of sleeping late for a better part of the summer, I gradually start setting back my alarm clock as close as I can to the time I will have to wake up at for school. A month prior to the start of school, I began setting my alarm back half an hour every week so that on the week of freshmen orientation, I will be accustomed to waking up earlier.

At my school, there is a summer reading test administered on the first day back. Students have to read five assigned books over the summer. To prepare for this test, I review each book individually, and write notes. I am a relatively fast reader, so I can write analyses of 5 books in about 2 weeks. In the final week before school begins, I review my notes for all the books.

The final thing I do to prepare myself for school is brush up on concepts I might have let go of during the summer. I begin by looking over my class schedule and going over topics I know will be covered during the first few weeks of school. I review some grammar for english class, arithmetic concepts for math class, and brush up on Latin, history and science, respectively.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, I try to appreciate the remaining days of summer. Whether it be meeting my friends for one last get-together, going to the beach, or simply taking each day to relax, the most enjoyable thing I do to prepare for school is savoring the dwindling days of summer.

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