SSAT Upper Level Quantitive Practice

Most test prep materials that can be found in bookstores depict the SSAT Upper Level Math Questions as non-challenging questions. The reality if much harsher, and some questions even venture into SAT territory. To get higher scores, it is advised to use more difficult practice question such as these:

1. If x-1/3=k and k=3, what is the value of x?

A) 2        B)4            C) 9             D) 10

2. On Saturday afternoon, Armand sent m text messages each hour for 5 hours, and Tyrone sent p text messages each hour for 4 hours. Which of the following represents the total number of messages sent by Armand and Tyrone on Saturday afternoon?

A) 9mp             B) 20mp                      C) 5m+4p                    D) 4m+5p

3. Kathy is a repair technician for a phone company. Each week, she receives a batch of phones that need repairs. The number of phones that she has left to fix at the end of each day can be estimated with the equation P = 108 − 23d, where P is the number of phones left and d is the number of days she has worked that week. What is the meaning of the value 108 in this equation?

A) Kathy will complete the repairs within 108 days

B) Kathy starts each week with 108 phones to fix

C) Kathy repairs phones at a rate of 108 per hour

D) Kathy repairs phones at a rate of 108 per day

4. (x^2y − 3y^2 + 5xy^2) − (−x^2y + 3xy^2 − 3y^2) Which of the following is equivalent to the

expression above?

A) 4x2y2
B) 8xy2−6y2
C) 2x2y+2xy2
D) 2x2y+8xy2−6y2

5. A line in the xy-plane passes through the origin and has a slope of 71 . Which of the following points lies on the line?

A) (0,7)                        B) (1,7)                      C) (7,7)                     D) (14,2)

Presented in the above are some of the most difficult SSAT questions. If one can master those, there shouldn’t be too many difficulties – at least in the quantitive section…

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