Useful Study Tips and Tricks for Final Exam Preparation

As a student that has already taken his first week of exams, I know how stressful it is to begin one of the most detested periods of the school year. Here are some ways you can be prepared for your final semester exams without all of the fret.

The first way to stay prepared is to record notes on the concepts you have learned during the school day. You should enter these notes on large cards in question form, with the question on the front and answer on the back. Make your answers are as detailed as possible; include information about how the question or concept relates to other concepts you have already learned. You should never fill out the note cards from only memory because you could forget important details about the answer. Instead, you should write the answer from the resource on the back of the card, and put the name of the resource on the front of the card. Making these note cards throughout the year and they will help you study and retain information better.  If you wait to start studying a week before exams, you will be more stressed and unable to retain the information. Another good way to study for exams is to look back on past assessments. Looking back at questions you missed on past tests and quizzes gives you the opportunity to learn from them.

If your school has any office/after school hours of any kind you should visit your teacher and study in their room, especially if you have any questions. Your teachers will be more than delighted to help. The final tip for exam preparation is to study in groups. Studying and reviewing for assessments with friends can be very enjoyable and beneficial. When you’re studying in groups, you receive different perspectives on the information you have learned. You may also discover certain details about the concept that you are studying that you may have missed before. If you follow these tips your final exams should be a breeze.

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