Five Effective Study Tips to Practice in The New Year

As schools around the country begin to open their doors for the first time in the new year, students are offered the opportunity to improve. Whether your new year’s resolution list includes practicing free throws, being nicer to a brother or audition for the school play, improving in the classroom should be at the top of the list. Even if you are an A+ student, there is always room for improvement, so be sure to check my five tips below for making 2017 your personal best in the classroom:

Make a study plan – An organized approach at studying is always a good one. Before or at the beginning of the new year, try and create a planner either physically or digitally outlining any test, quiz or special event you may have through the end of the semester. Try and set aside time for studying and any other activity that will occupy your time. A study plan is the perfect way to prevent against cramming and it will help keep you organized as things get busy.

Execute the study plan – It’s one thing to make a study plan, but it’s quite another to stick to it throughout the semester. For many students, the study plan ends up at the bottom of the backpack two weeks in to the semester, effectively eliminating its usefulness. Try and take the study plan day by day and if for some reason you have trouble following it don’t get rid of it, but simply adjust it.

Experiment with your study tactics – Do you typically study in your bedroom? Why not try the kitchen for a change, or maybe even your school’s library after class? Do you typically study from your own notes? Why not try flashcards? Could you try new types of technology for studying? Everybody gets stuck in routine when it comes to studying, it’s just natural, but a new year provides a great excuse for experimenting with new study tactics, tactics that may help improve your grades.

Take advantage of your previous mistakes – Everybody makes mistakes, it’s a just a part of life. What it’s important is what you learn from your mistakes. Going back over past tests and quizzes from last year is a good way to ensure you won’t make the same mistake twice, while also providing a helpful review.

Be realistic and positive – It’s easy to get carried away with new year’s resolutions, so make sure you stay within your range this year. Being realistic will help ensure that you accomplish the goals you do set. It’s also extremely important to be positive throughout the process. Change takes time but if you don’t encourage yourself to succeed you will never reach your full potential.




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