Preparing for American Independent School Interviews

Happy New Year (of the Rooster, according to the Chinese Zodiac) from Boston! The process of applying to US independent schools has literally taken me thousands of miles – from Guangzhou China where I am based to Boston, MA where I am stationed at. I am Patrick, and I am currently in the process of interviewing with independent schools. So, what has preparation looked like for me thus far in the process? Well, in my opinion, it all boils down into two things: The interview, and the interview preparation.

So let’s go according to chronological order. The interview preparation ALWAYS happens before the interview, and it is vital to how your interview looks like to the interviewer. The current interview also impacts your confidence of interviewing with later schools (if you are applying to multiple schools like I am). In my opinion, interview prep can be broken down further into two parts: the research and the rehearsal. With more research, you will gain more knowledge of the school and with more rehearsals, you will (vastly) improve your interview fluidity and thus effectiveness (which means that your interview would look, and feel better.)

The interview itself takes less explanation. After you’re done with preparations, be sure to review it every once in a while: a good way (for me) to do so is to do it during bathroom breaks, but the timing is up to you. Then, be very authentic and show the true self during the interview(s), and most importantly, have fun!

To sum up, thorough interview preparation and being authentic during the interview process will help you learn the school well and vice versa. Best of luck to everyone in finding a school that supports, challenges, and inspires you to your personal best! Again, Happy New Year!

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