Study Tip from a High School Freshman: Group Chat Before a Test or Homework Due Date

Do you feel yourself stuck the night before the test without everything you need to study?

Or not sure of what the homework is for the next day?

As a freshman in high school, I soon found myself in this position. Little did I know that my classmates were feeling the same way. Our solution to the problem: a group chat.

With this new resource, I felt like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. Before, I had felt alone in my confusion and frustration over an assignment. Now, whenever I had any questions, I knew my friends could help me and would respond in minutes. This became invaluable the night before tests or when we were writing essays. However, we didn’t know how truly helpful this was until our first end-of-term exams. When I woke up each morning of exam week, I would scroll through dozens of messages from my friends asking questions and convincing each other that they would do an amazing job the next day.

I never would have dreamed of how helpful text messages could be until I entered high school. If you are having any problems or feeling stressed about your schoolwork, know your classmates and friends are feeling the same way. Try asking them for help before going to the teacher or Google. Let them know that you can help them if they’re struggling, too. It will be one of the best decisions you make.

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