SSAT Summer Study Tips: Review Top Six SSAT Practice Topics

The weather’s getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and your SSAT test date is getting closer. Summer is a perfect time to start studying for your upcoming admissions test. Luckily, the SSAT Practice Online has lots of resources for you, as well as a free 30 minute practice test that you can use to assess the topics that you need to focus on. To get you started, below is a list of the six topics most frequently studied by other students like you, with specific videos, tips, etc. to check out for each category. All of the resources below are available as free Study Tools in SSAT Practice Online. To learn more, please go to

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#1 – Finding and Converting Percents                                                                             

a) Basic Arithmetic: Find the Percent of a Number (Middle & Upper Level SSAT)- This video was made by our favorite math guru, Patrick JMT. Be sure to check out this video if you’re having trouble with (or just want to brush up on) finding percentages of numbers.

b) Introduction to Percents: Write Percent as a Decimal (Middle & Upper Level SSAT)- This video is another one of Patrick’s hits! It explains a basic concept, converting percents to decimals, that is crucial for the quantitative sections of both the middle and upper level tests.

#2 – Linear Equations                                                                         

a) Solving Linear Equations (Middle & Upper Level SSAT)- Having trouble with linear equations on your algebra problems? Watch this 13 minute video by Patrick JMT for a detailed look at the best strategies for tackling linear equation problems.

b) Linear Equation Word Problem: Perimeter of a Triangle (Upper Level SSAT)– Have you ever faced a complicated word problem in which you had to find the measurements of different sides of a triangle? Patrick JMT explains how to use linear equations to effectively solve for the answer.

#3 – The Pythagorean Theorem                                                                                      

a) The Pythagorean Theorem (Middle Level SSAT)- Highlighting one of the most important topics in geometry, this video by Patrick JMT introduces the Pythagorean Theorem and details how to use the formula to solve different types of problems.

b) Pythagorean Theorem: Word Problems (Upper Level SSAT)– This set of word problems, provided by IXL, helps you develop the skills necessary to succeed in upper level Pythagorean Theorem problems. Be sure to check out this interactive tool!

#4 – Analogies

a) Analogies: Challenge (Middle Level SSAT)- This interactive practice set from IXL allows you to practice with tough analogy problems for preparation for the middle level test. Get a question wrong? IXL explains why and walks through the solution, so that you can learn from your mistake.

#5 – Factoring

a) Factoring in Algebra (Upper Level SSAT)- This lesson by Math is Fun explains step-by-step how to factor for algebra problems. It includes a variety of key concepts, including highest common factor and difference of squares, and examples to help you along the way.

#6 – Probability

a) Probability (Middle & Upper Level SSAT)- The helpful folks at Math is Fun detail exactly what probability means, how to use a formula to find it, and key vocabulary words you should know for this quantitative topic. Make time to review this important lesson!

b) Conditional Probability (Middle & Upper Level SSAT)- Feel like you’ve mastered basic probability, but getting confused by probability of dependent events? Look no further than this lesson by Math is Fun, which explains a variety of strategies for even the trickiest of probability problems.

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