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Elmont Memorial High Valedictorian Accepted to All Eight Ivy League Universities

Wow, can you imagine what it would take to gain acceptance into all eight Ivy League Universities? Elmont Memorial High School Valedictorian Augusta Uwamanzu-Nna has a good idea, and so does her predecessor, Elmont’s 2015 Salutatorian Harold Ekeh. Both students achieved the feat through hard work, perseverance, dedication and plenty of extracurricular activities — Harold calls it being “over-involved” — but also by simply

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Upper Level SSAT Sample Questions: Analogies

Do you know your analogies? Try these SSAT sample questions to help you practice analogies for the Upper Level SSAT Verbal Section. What Are Analogies? Analogies compare two things usually on the basis of some similarity or difference. To answer analogy questions on the SSAT, try to find a relationship between the words. For each question, select the answer choice that

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SXSWedu Student Startup Competition: What’s Your Business Idea?

That’s the thought behind the Student Startup Competition powered by LaunchGen. This year’s competition — the second annual — concluded this past Tuesday, March 8, 2016, at the SXSWedu(R) Conference in Austin, Texas. In late 2015, high school students from Central Texas schools were invited to  apply and showcase their business ideas for the SXSWedu Student Startup Competition. This past week, the finalists got

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Ask the Admissions Director: Why Consider Independent Schools?

With so many options in K-12 education today, why should families and students consider independent schools and private schools for their primary and secondary school education? At a recent meeting of 100s of admissions directors from the country’s best independent schools and private schools, SchoolUp asked that very question. “Why should families consider independent schools?” Watch what the admissions directors had to

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Upper Level SSAT Sample Question: Quantitative Word Problem

Here’s a SSAT sample question to help you practice the type of word problem you may find on the quantitative section of the Upper Level SSAT. What Are Word Problems? Some quantitative questions on the SSAT are structured as word problems. A word problem may not offer the mathematical operation(s) needed to find the answer. In these problems, you have to carefully consider how the question

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