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How well do you know/comprehend/perceive your synonyms? Below are a few SSAT sample questions to help you practice synonym questions for the Upper Level SSAT Verbal Section. What Are Synonyms? Synonyms are two distinct words that share the same or very similar meanings. To answer synonym questions on the SSAT, you must identify a given word’s synonym from a list

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Upper Level SSAT Sample Questions: Analogies

Do you know your analogies? Try these SSAT sample questions to help you practice analogies for the Upper Level SSAT Verbal Section. What Are Analogies? Analogies compare two things usually on the basis of some similarity or difference. To answer analogy questions on the SSAT, try to find a relationship between the words. For each question, select the answer choice that

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SSAT Study Tips: My Six-Week Plan for SSAT Prep

If you’re preparing for the SSAT and have come to this blog looking for tips, you probably wouldn’t expect to find the word “fun” jumping out at you. Believe it or not, preparing for the SSAT can be as fun as you make it to be, and science has proven that people learn best when they’re having fun. The more entertaining and enjoyable

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